About CJF

CFJ (Centre de formation des journalistes) is a 60 years-old school of journalism situated in the heart of the historical area of the French press. It relies on its international network of 2000 graduate alumni present in 48 countries.

The CFJ (part of the CFPJ Group) is aimed at students in journalism from France and from abroad.

During two academic years at a Master level, the students have access to:

  • professional facilities with broadcast standards : production and post production in radio and TV, multimedia equipment and networks, the main news agencies wire networks in French and in English (news releases and photos).
  • a top teaching staff, in keeping with the reality of the media environment : for the sake of pluralism, CFJ hires its trainers and experts in all kind of media, whether they are public or private, French or European.
  • internship in main media companies from France and Europe with tutorship by trainers and professionals.

The school is focused on professional techniques and behaviour, on practical training and media production.

Co-founder and board member of the European Journalism Training Association, “L’Ecole de la rue du Louvre” has activities, partnerships and exchange with media, universities and schools from Western and Eastern Europe, Canada, the Middle-East, the Maghreb, Africa and Asia.

In 2007 one third of the intake of students will be foreign candidates.

Short practical training courses in English, French and other languages in France and throughout the world

CFPJ-International opens courses in Paris and sends its trainers and experts to foreign countries where they are asked to take charge of short courses lasting from a few days to four weeks, depending on the needs of foreign students and of the partners on the spot.

These training sessions are aimed to students and journalists.

In Paris and abroad, they are held in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, English, Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese.

With competitive rates and for the sake of quality (information to be asked to (international@cfpj.com), the courses designed by CFPJ-International cover basic or advanced skills and knowledge :

  • Investigative and writing techniques in press, radio, digital journalism and television
  • Thematic training courses meant for specific event media coverage and special issues (elections, festival, sports event, etc.) with all media production opportunities in printed press, photo-journalism, radio, TV and multimedia
    Academic courses and study cases on the legal media environment
  • In-depth technical training courses designed to enhance the editorial content and media modernization (digital audio and video montage, printing, use of digital editorial systems, etc.)
  • In situ training courses focused on editorial management, positioning and development strategies.

All these international courses are based on the experience developed in France by CFJ and by CPJ training center for professionals.

The French-speaking journalism diploma abroad

Since 1995 and in the collaboration with the University of Paris II (Panthéon-Assas), the CFPJ Group has taken part in the training courses of students in journalism in Cairo, Beyrouth and Moscow. Each year, after a teaching course mainly held in French (the workshops are organised by the CFPJ Group), about 50 students in journalism get a master’s degree.

1 – Master’s degree of the Faculty of Information and Documentation (Lebanese University, Beirut, Lebanon)

2 – Master’s degree of the French-Russian Journalism Center of the Faculty of journalism (Lomonossov University, Moscow, Russia)

3 – French-speaking course of the Faculty of Mass Communication (Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt)